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As we do not receive any government funding, we rely solely on term fees to keep us running our programme. We acknowledge that some parents would love their child to attend, but might not be in the financial situation to afford the term fees. Therefore, we have set up a sponsorship programme for families.

FAQs for Families

How do I apply for sponsorship?

To apply for our sponsorship programme, please email with details of your situation and why you believe your child would greatly benefit from attending our programme.

FAQs for Sponsors

How does this programme benefit children?

Please click here to read more about the benefits of Nature’s Den Forest & Farm School.


What can I get in return?

In addition to knowing that you have made a positive impact on a Kiwi child by enabling them to thrive through our programme, we will also promote your business through our Facebook page, newsletters and website. With parental permission, we will also share the child's journey within the programme with you so you can see the positive impact you have made.


I want to sponsor a local child! How can I help?

If you're a generous individual or company willing to sponsor a child for a term, then please email or phone us on 021 190 9030. Thank you so much!


Your child could be eligible for funding to attend our programme!


Below is a list of funding services in Aotearoa that we recommend getting in touch with. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like further information or advice around this.


Extraordinary Care Fund

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