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How is health and safety ensured?

  • Health and safety is always a priority at Nature’s Den. We have stringent health and safety policies and risk analysis in place, including our daily checklist that we go through prior to the childrens' arrival.

  • Our teachers are first-aid trained and we always have a first aid kit onsite.

  • We allow children to take risks within a safe environment, because the more risks you allow children to take, the better they can understand their own limits and learn to take care of themselves.


Will my child's school allow this?

  • Under the New Zealand Education Act 2020, children are able to be released from their regular school, with discretion from their Principal, to receive education outside the classroom (EOTC) for one day a week.

  • Children are normally marked as attending education offsite for the day. 

  • We have a letter that you can give to your child's school with more information. 


How do bookings and payment work?

  • All bookings need to be made through our Enrolmy site.

  • Term programme bookings work on the basis of a minimum one-term commitment, as we value building strong relationships with your child so they feel comfortable and have a sense of belonging. We also need to know who will be attending in advance so we can keep ratios in order, etc. Payment must be received before your child can attend.

  • Term payments can be made in weekly or fortnightly installments.

  • Holiday programme bookings need to be paid by credit card in order to secure your child's place in the programme.


What will my child learn?

  • Our curriculum is entirely based around the children’s interests. We value the importance of free play, giving children the space and time to practice what they are learning. Children will maximise their social, emotional and developmental potential through active exploration of the natural environment.

  • Our handpicked teachers and our carefully chosen locations provide many opportunities for children to investigate, manage risks, take on leadership, problem-solve, build resilience, foster their curiosity, develop their social competence and many more skills.


What if it’s raining?

  • We believe in the saying “There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing”.

  • The rain gives children different learning experiences, such as making shelters or sliding down a mud slide.

  • We will only decide not to run if there are severe weather warnings in place. If we have to cancel, you will be refunded or credited an extra day.

Do you offer transport?

  • Yes, we can offer transport to our Brookby site from Bombay. This is an additional $5.00 cash to cover petrol costs. 

What about children with additional needs?

  • We believe every child in New Zealand deserves the chance to experience forest schooling. Nature’s Den places every effort to include children with additional needs. 

  • Parents/caregivers must specify and explain any additional learning needs before enrolling their child. This information will be recorded on the child’s enrolment form. 

  • The programme director will assess how the child’s needs may be catered for and discuss this approach with the child’s parents and staff. The safety of the child and other children in the programme will be a major consideration.  


Can I stay with my child? 

  • Our programme is a drop off, however if you would like to join us in the forest too, then contact us. A parent volunteer option could be an option for you.   

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