Nature’s Den was created around the one ultimate goal of making an impact in children’s lives – creating something special that would help shape the future of today’s children. Most of us live very busy lives and it can often feel like we are always on the go 24/7 which can put stress on not only ourselves, but our children too. It is easy to forget about what is important in life and forget to take a step back and appreciate the beautiful things around us. Nature’s Den is proud to play a part in the changing future of New Zealand’s education system. 



Every child is born into this world with their own unique identity that makes them who they are. We acknowledge that children learn at a different range of pace and that not all children thrive in a typical classroom setting within four walls.

It has already been proven that many children flourish within a learning environment that allows children the opportunity to absorb themselves in nature. We are committed to providing the greatest opportunities for children to explore the beautiful natural world that our country has to offer.

Our aim is to provide children with open space to freely explore, learn and grow as capable and confident learners through learning experiences that are child-led, where children are able to take risks in supervised environments, experience opportunities to develop leadership skills, splash in puddles, nurture animals, understand life cycles, learn where their kai comes from, and feel, view and breathe in the beauty around them.

Our philosophy is built on four key principles that we believe are important in providing quality education and care:

We place children first no matter what. This is why we have created Nature’s Den – children are at the heart of every decision we make. We provide safe and calm opportunities for children to drive their own learning based on their personal interests. This helps children to become more confident in themselves and allows them to develop a sense of belonging.

We believe children deserve to engage in real, authentic, and natural learning experiences. We value the old-fashioned Kiwi style of children interacting with nature. Through our programmes, we help foster childrens' natural curiosity and allow them to learn through play and exploration, as well as socialising with others their age and developing friendships.

We are all about providing child-led experiences that use the natural environment as a third teacher, creating experiences that let children have the freedom to move, learn and grow as capable and confident learners through exploration and risk-taking.


We believe children thrive through building strong and effective relationships. Here at Nature’s Den, we like to treat your children as if they were family. We engage with them with respect, warmth and care. We provide fun, creative and holistic learning opportunities within a safe and enhancing environment. We ensure that all of our learning opportunities and experiences are inclusive of everyone.