​Alex and his wife Dani sat down one day and imagined what quality education and care would look like. They asked themselves the question, “what sort of childcare would we prefer for our own children?” They both agreed that the answer would be “the best possible childcare that is the closest thing to being nurtured by their own parents in a home environment”.


While working in the ECE sector, Alex noticed a lack of focus on the natural world and excursions in the great outdoors. He also observed that individual children were being left behind, largely due to the move towards bigger daycare centres – “factory farming” as he calls it. It was these observations that led to his idea for a home-based childcare business that placed the wellbeing of individual children at its heart, while helping them to grow and learn through a variety of mediums, with a focus on nature.


We believe that quality education and care is delivered by always putting children first. We want to create a childcare service that offers children an enriching curriculum within a home environment nurtured by quality, big-hearted educators. Children will receive the best of both worlds through thriving in a safe, uncrowded home and receiving opportunities to connect with the real world through regular outings.


At Nature’s Den Quality Education & Care, we believe that by building responsive and reciprocal relationships
with children and their whanau, we can help them to develop a true sense of belonging. This in turn empowers children to become confident and capable learners, thus building solid foundations for their future. We work together with whanau and our educators to help children fulfil their aspirations.